E-quip Africa Projects in 2019

E-quip Africa has two projects in the works for the start of 2019:

  1. Project Click-A-Mouse
  2. Youth Crime Watch Liberia

E-Quip Africa refurbished laptop computer projectProject Click-A-Mouse is headed up by our friend and board member, Kenneth (Kofi) Wutoh and centers in the Volta Region of Ghana near the village of Kpando. Kofi’s project goal is to equip the Kpando schools with refurbished laptop computers that also could be used by the general public in a community center type facility. The Church of St. Mary, Willmar, Minnesota is a co-sponsor. Read more about Kofi’s goals (PDF)¬†.

E-quip Africa to sponsor Youth Crime Watch Liberia projects in 2019YCWL is directed by Zuo Taylor, a very industrious young man in Liberia who has built an organization providing post-high-school education to Liberian youth. He built it on the same model as used in Miami, Florida with great success, providing vital services to young people in Liberia. Check out the Youth Crime Watch Liberia  website for details.

Author: Doug Wilkowske

Doug is a retired teacher who saw needs in West African schools that could be helped by saving what Americans discard. African schools needed computers; many businesses and individuals in the USA get new ones regularly with the discarded computers having a lot of life left. Why not put the still viable or refurbished computers to the need!

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