Tonight our container lies offshore Tema Harbor, Ghana

The headline says it all. I spoke with the Honorable Della Sowah, Member of Parliament from the Kpando District, Volta Region this morning. She is working with officials at Tema Harbor and the Tema Rotary Club to make sure the container is processed without delay. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

It is scheduled to be discharged tomorrow, but the harbor traffic looks heavy so there may be a couple days wait until they are “tugged” into a slip. Tema is the second stop since leaving Port Algeciras, Spain, the first being Lagos, Nigeria.

Four weeks from today, Greg Martin and I will be in Ghana. Five weeks from today Joan Kuhn and Candy Anderson will join us.

Thank you all for your support! The container’s contents would still be in Willmar if not for your generous donations.
container current location, map

Author: Doug Wilkowske

Doug is a retired teacher who saw needs in West African schools that could be helped by saving what Americans discard. African schools needed computers; many businesses and individuals in the USA get new ones regularly with the discarded computers having a lot of life left. Why not put the still viable or refurbished computers to the need!

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